Solutions In The Manufacturing Industry

Rick Brown, VP, SAP Practice 


30% of survey customers state that integration challenges with legacy systems is a big inhibitor of moving to the cloud.  Our manufacturing clients need a reliable financial solution that can link legacy systems and third party  applications.  Moving to S/4HANA can result in a 19% reduction in manufacturing costs and real time financial accuracy by solving the dilemma of integrating legacy financial applications.


Part of the S/4HANA implementation includes transitional work from the client and project teams. 

The "Manage Your Solution" application within S/4HANA guides the teams through the configuration and testing.  Also included is the "My Learning" tile to assist team members. 


VisionIT has the expertise to help you find the right solution.  We have helped customers with SAP solutions that provide a consolidated view of their enterprise  by  aggregating and analyzing information from multiple sources and presenting it in a format which is actionable.

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