Supply chain in the cloud

FreightVerify is a cloud-based technology solution that transforms the way supply chain is done.  Given our reputation for innovation and high quality development, they partnered with VisionIT to improve the platform and take the application beyond the initial stages of development.  Led by a group of industry leaders in logistics and with the backing of Dr. Yossi Sheffi of MIT, a luminary in the logistics industry, FreightVerify was designed to connect shippers and carriers in new ways.


By leveraging FreightVerify in your enterprise, you have the insights to:

  • Reduce administrative cost, complexity and time burdens for both Shippers and Carriers
  • Provide greater visibility of loads in real time, allowing your organization to optimize the business

It is a solution that sits in the center of the industry to connect all systems and organizations in amazingly simple ways – a single point of control.


As complex as the logic is in FreightVerify, VisionIT designed it with a strong architecture and built it with the user at the epicenter of the functional and visual design.  It leverages the latest cloud technologies and is built for shippers and carriers to engage the platform on their chosen mobile device.  FreightVerify was designed to bring real business value to Manufacturers.   

Find out more about how VisionIT approaches product development and the guiding design principles that successfully brought FreightVerify to market.

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