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Custom Development

VisionIT’s Custom Development Practice is composed of top-notch, creative professionals providing nimble development services across numerous industries. We consistently receive high marks from customers for exceptional end products and world-class customer service.

VisionIT’s Innovation Studio is a dedicated creative and collaborative space located in Detroit, Michigan. This is where our teams conceptualize and solve problems effecting industry change. Our customers leverage our Innovation Studio by embedding their development resources, ensuring that expectations and deliverables are met with the highest standards. It is within the physical (and virtual) walls of our Innovation Studio that our capabilities and experiences are focused on product and application development, web and mobile solutions, and integrations with customer enterprise software.

Our experienced, creative technologists, operating under proven delivery methodologies, improve the now and build the new.

The breadth of some of our projects:

  • Collaboration and messaging applications
  • Quality assurance for infotainment systems
  • Certification of applications for infotainment systems
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) integrations
  • IoT platforms and applications
  • Technology research and development
  • Secure cloud implementation
  • Product prototyping
  • Mobile application development

VisionIT is also actively involved in full product life-cycle endeavors:

  • CareTrail – A Care Team management collaboration technology for the healthcare industry
  • FreightVerify – A Logistics technology connecting shippers and carriers for efficient supply chain management.

VisionIT is consistently qualified, capable, and trusted to deliver superior development services. Our customers know that we are dependable; our professionals, our approach, and our dedication will ensure meaningful business results.

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