Partnering with the best.

Partnering with the best

VisionIT has developed partnerships with some of the best and most innovative companies in the world at the executive level.  We believe it is important to provide our customers with the most forward thinking technologies and exemplary solutions.  Our partners help us provide great technology for our core practices and fuel our innovation studio that generate new products and solutions.  Our partners provide VisionIT with these technologies ahead of market as well as allow us to influence and give input to the evolution of their products.

SAP recognized that VisionIT was leader in delivering cloud-based solutions to its clients and was invited to be one of six Lighthouse Partners to resell and implement S/4 HANA Cloud. This partnership allows VisionIT to provide clients access to the full range of SAP products and solutions.

OpenText's InfoArchive helps companies significantly reduce application spend and gain efficiency for the business.  It enables organizations to reduce IT complexity and costs, optimize infrastructure while ensuring risk mitigation and compliance for valuable and regulated data and content. 

VisionIT offers systems integration and implementation of data archive solutions which span active archiving of current production systems and decommissioning of redundant legacy applications.

VisionIT has partnered with Microsoft to build products on the Azure cloud platform.  Multiple products have been launched to the market, including CareTrail, a secure communication and data security healthcare offering with diverse mobile capabilities.

Our activities include joint go-to-market efforts and innovation alignments.  We are experts in Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint.

We are excited about being a development partner with Samsung. VisionIT is one of only two Samsung strategic go-to-market Mobile Development partners in North America.  We work with Samsung directly to offer their customers a comprehensive suite of enterprise services encompassing mobility support, enterprise mobility management (EMM) and value added services for deployment, security, applications and device care. 

We partnered with Samsung to enhance mobile application development in Android and Microsoft Windows, as well as develop Internet of Things technology and deploy fully integrated customizations onto hardware. VisionIT has specialization in Samsung technology, including Samsung Knox.

VisionIT partners with Perfecto to elevate quality of the Digital Experience. With the Perfecto platform your team can perform mobile and browser test automation and eliminate costly QA bottlenecks. Cross-platform, parallel test automation can be achieved with a single script for multiple web and mobile platforms (such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome and Firefox). We enable testing real user conditions such as network reliability, location-based behaviors, screen orientation, incoming alerts, app vitals and timers, and the effect of other apps competing for processor time. The Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab integrates with a wide variety of automation test frameworks, eliminating “vendor lock-in” to a specific automation test framework. Accelerate your mobile app development using an always-on automated testing environment. Integrate current processes and frameworks, IDEs and CI tools you already use. Perform functional and user-action tests such as taps and swipes. Ensure a flawless digital experience with screenshots and video playback. Test web and mobile apps on multiple devices, browsers, networks, locations and OSs. No emulators. No waiting.

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