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Data represents a challenge as great as its opportunity. Regulations force the retention of data even after it is no longer useful to the enterprise. Production data piles up, creating system slowdown. Retained data seems to require preserving legacy systems for data access. License and infrastructure costs mount. eDiscovery sends constrained IT staff on costly expeditions.

InfoArchive provides a unique solution to managing data, providing real time access, easy search and recovery, with powerful risk management capabilities supporting enterprise retention policies. VisionIT can help you reduce IT costs, risk, and complexity as you preserve the integrity of your data and utilize it in new ways.

An application agnostic information management product that preserves, maintains, and controls long term access to valuable corporate information in a regulatory compliant repository.


VisionIT is one of a few high-performing companies trained to implement and configure InfoArchive.

We execute a proven strategy to safely migrate your data out of legacy and production systems and under managed storage in InfoArchive. VisionIT will take you through a process of Discovery, Data Transformation, Data Ingestion, System Configuration and Verification. As the value of InfoArchive proves itself, we can educate your team, helping you implement an Application Retirement Factory.

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