Innovation at VisionIT

For the community and environment towards a brighter future.

For two decades, VisionIT has been at the center of innovation trends, delivering key advancements to customers.  Our Innovation Studio not only serves as a place to create customer solutions, but it also provides an environment for our engineers to discover and learn the practical value of new advances in technology.  We are not afraid to allow our engineers the time to create.  They will test the boundaries of technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

But we go further…

  • We open our environment to the community, bringing in young and aspiring innovators to learn from our experts.
  • We partner with Michigan business leaders like Wright Lassiter, CEO of Henry Ford Health Systems, to expand innovation that has a direct impact on the community.  Hear Wright discuss Caretrail and the impact he expects it will have on improving patient care.

VisionIT sponsors forums for technologists and key influencers to discuss innovation trends and new opportunities for the community, like our Innovation in Michigan event and panel discussion.

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